MOP of HEAD × 六本木VARIT. Presents.「YNWA vol.2」
MOP of HEAD × 六本木VARIT. Presents.「YNWA vol.2」
LINE UPCAST: MOP of HEAD / Survive Said The Prophet
O.A : No Gimmick Classics
ADV./DOOR.■ADV \3,000 DOOR \3,500 ※drink代別¥600

受付開始日:2017/11/02(木) 10:00~

・MOP of HEAD LIVE会場にて手売りチケット販売
INFO六本木VARIT. 03-6441-0825

タワーレコードの超人気キャンペーン【踊るロック】にフィーチャーされるなど、ダンスロックシーンからの注目を集めるなか、【FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL】【SYNCHRONICITY】【COUNTDOWN JAPAN】など様々なフェスに出演を果たす。

またイギリスBBC Radio 1のNo.1 DJ、Gilles Petersonや☆Taku Takahashi(m-flo)などの人気DJ達もいち早く反応し、Gilesの看板番組【WORLD WIDE】や、☆Taku Takahashi主宰のインターネットラジオ【 / TYC Radio】等、自らの番組やパーティーで頻繁に彼らのトラックをプレイし、DJやダンスミュージック界隈に於いても支持を受けている。

2015年7月には2年半ぶりのALBUM「Vitalize」を発表し話題になりMOP of HEAD完全復活を印象付ける力強い作品をリリース。
2016年7月には全ての楽曲にGUEST VOCALを招いた「and Touch You」を発表し今までのMOP of HEADの印象を完全に破壊し、新たなスタイルとしてのMOP of HEADを印象つける。

George (Machine)
Kikuchi (Guitar)
Satoshi (Drum)
Hitomi (Bass)

MOP of HEAD represents the dance music in the band style.
For example, breakbeats, dubstep, drum and bass, house and so on.
They are some collect the hot attention from dance rock scene, and because it was featured in [ Odoru Rock ].
They have appeared in various big music festivals.

Also, No.1 DJ of BBC Radio 1 in United Kingdom such as Gilles Peterson played their track at signboard program [ WORLD WIDE ] and parties.
☆ Taku Takahashi (m-flo), in Internet radio [ / TYC radio] and that presided over, played their track at some party.
Popular DJ who also frequently play, and MOP of HEAD has received hot support from DJ and dance music fan.

July 2015 we released the ALBUM ‘Vitalize’ for the first time in two and a half years.
It became a topic and strong in full force of us.
‘And Touch You’ invited guest vocal on all the songs July 2016 announced and completely destroyed the impression of MOP of HEAD ever, give a impression as a new-style MOP of HEAD.


(L→R) Tatsuya - Guitar Show - Drums Yosh - Vocal Yudai - Bass/Scream Ivan - Guitar

Survive Said The Prophet 通称「サバプロ」は2011 年に東京にて結成。精力的に全国ツアーを繰り返し、ステージの大小に関わらず常に全力でエモーショナルなパフォーマンスと、スタイリッシュなアート・コンセプトは各地で着実に評価され、話題の絶えないニュー・カマーとして注目を集める。2015 年、自主レーベルより初の全国流通作品『Course Of Action』をリリース。ヘッドライナー全国ツアーを行い、渋谷クアトロで行われたファイナルを大成功に収める。2016年、メンバーチェンジを経てZESTONE RECORDSと契約。同年8月には、IssuesやCrown The EmpireなどでビルボードTOP ROCK ALBUM No.1を幾度も獲得し、多数のヒットを世に輩出してきた名プロデューサー、クリス・クラメット(Kris Crummett)を起用し、2ndアルバム『FIXED』をリリース。約半年に渡り全国津々浦々、43本まわった『FIXED』のリリースツアーのファイナルとして行なったO-WESTでのワンマン公演はソールドアウトとなった。この『FIXED』のリリースを期に、サバプロの名は飛躍的に注目度を高め、AP JAPAN誌では読者が選ぶ「BREAKTHROUGH ARTIST」部門で3位にランクイン。更には『KNOTFEST2016』『PUNKSPRING2017』といった洋楽主体の人気ロックフェスに出演するなど、名実共にシーンに欠かせないバンドとして圧倒的な存在感を示す。
その勢いは留まることなく、2017年5月、再び渡米し、前作に引続きクリス・クラメットとのタッグでニュー・アルバム『WABI SABI』を制作。本作の世界観はタイトルが物語る通り、日本独自の「美的センス」をテーマに、今に生きる人々の心情にストレートに訴えかける内容となっている。2017年、『WABI SABI』という新章の幕を開いたSurvive Said The Prophetは、音楽シーンに新たなページを見出し、等身大の「エモーション」定義するインターナショナル・ロック・バンドとして新たなカルチャーのアイコンとなる。

Survive Said The Prophet is an international rock band based in the heart of Tokyo with Yosh Morita as the vocalist along with, Ivan Kwong and Tatsuya Kato on the guitars with Yudai Kato on the bass, and Sho Okada on the drums. With various musical experiences under their belts, Survive Said The Prophet emits a heavy and yet melodious sound that electrifies the stage with a different kind of emotional energy. SSTP is often claimed to be categorized under the genre of Emo / Post-Hardcore, but their interest in broadening their horizon keeps the audience on edge as they surprise their listeners with new perspective of the band each release. The band was formed in 2011 and star ted their production to quickly release their first self-titled digital EP worldwide. The EP quickly drew attention in the Japanese music industry, which opened opportunities to open for international acts such as Soulja boy. The band soon gained fans across Asia hitting main stages in Festivals such as “Rock In Taichung” (Taiwan) and “Silvermine Bay Music Festival” (Hong Kong) along with bands, such as Supper Moment, Dirty Loops, FACT, and more.

Through their international experiences, SSTP took on a new challenge in 2013 and recorded overseas in Hong Kong, which steered them to release their singles “Miriam” and “Cocoon” headlining over 50 shows in and out of Japan selling out their last show with over 300 tickets. Making their debut in 2015, Survive Said The Prophet released their first mini album “Course Of Action” and went on a Nation wide tour c losing their finale in Shibuya Quattro. SSTP signs with ZESTONE RECORDS(Crossfaith /Architects / Letlive etc.) and made the sophomore record “FIXED” with Kris Crumment (ISSUES / Sleeping with Sirens / Capture the Crown etc) in 2016. Hitting the indie charts at Japanese indie chart (oricon) at the 10thand the Japanese Rock chart (iTunes) at the 12th the band soon gained recognition from a wider audience and was invited to open for KNOTFEST JAPAN 2016 headlined by SLIPKNOT, DEFTONES, DISTURBED, ISSUES and more.

In 2017 the band goes back into the studio with Kris Crummett and recorded their third album “Wabi Sabi”. The album hit the stores on Aug 2nd like a storm hitting 21st on iTunes album chart in Japan. As the band prepares to hit the mountain stage at Summer Sonic 2017, SSTP still strives to break barriers in sound and genre to lead a new scene.


都内屈指のサウンドシステムで大きい音のDJ,PARTY,バンド演奏からラウンジパーティー まで幅広く対応可。
結婚式の2次会、歓送迎会、レセプションパーティー …etc

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DRINK FOOD売り上げ¥100,000保証 (DJ機材費込み)

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